1 Reason To Watch 13 Reasons Why On Netflix

The music.



Believe me when I say I’ve got grey hair, I just shave my head.  I do try to keep up with things that are moving about in common day conversations.  It seems that everyone is talking about a series on Netflix entitled 13 Reason Why based upon a book from 2007.  Don’t worry, you won’t receive any spoilers from me since I have yet to finish the first episode.  The basic premise resolves around a young teen who has recently committed suicide.  I know, I know…  Why should someone my age be watching something aimed at teens.  Again, I’m just trying to stay abreast of current topics.

I was stopped cold in my tracks when I heard this tune turn up in the last 10 minutes of the premier episode (Tape 1, Side A).  It’s a composition by the band The Moth & The Flame.   Yup, I quickly pulled up my Soundhound App and put my phone up to the speaker.

Suddenly it’s 1987.

I love this track.  Furthermore, I love the fact that for the video they show what I would believe to be an elderly man attempting skateboard tricks on the hard concrete.  Oh and he falls.


Granted this track was released in May of 2016, but it’s new to me so it’s going to be on repeat for the next few days in my house.  Maybe I’ll even finish 13 Reasons Why…




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