About Sniffdar



If you’ve ended up on this page then you must be really bored.  Either that or you’re from the FBI.  What is published on this pages represent what I what I was thinking at the time of publication and may not represent my thinking today.  Which of course could change, since I am nothing without deep reflection.  Mainly these pages are intended for my own amusement, but if you want to join along, be my guest.  Interests include all types of music although I hold a deep interest in electronic instrumentals smothered with jazz.  Add to that anything from my youth and you get quite a smorgasbord of genres and themes.  I’m a homebody, so I like things that pertain to home.  And since I access the Internet from home, I’m always accessible.  Anything else you want to know, drop me a line.  I promise this dog doesn’t bite!

Oh and about that picture up above.  I created the scariest representation of myself I could find.  The eyes are meant to do something, but what I’m not quite sure!




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